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The Six Month Leadership Workshop Series and
1-1 Coaching Program – Financially Fearless

Financially Fearless is the name of this coaching and workshop program. Together we experience a fun and highly interactive workshop series coupled with 1-1 coaching. We demystify the fear around the financial statements and money in this intense and exciting program. Your leaders will see that the money piece is really as important as good guest service and great colleague engagement. Managers will immediately see the impact they have with this new, innovative and rewarding way of serving financially.

These workshops are all about connecting the leaders with their financial power and releasing fears and misunderstandings about the financial piece. It will allow their financial leadership contribution to grow significantly. 

The 1-1 monthly coaching for your leaders allows them to explore what is holding them back. Fears and misconceptions around the financial piece evaporate and are replaced with innovation, trust, and commitment.  

This Personalized 6-Month Workshop and Coaching Program Includes:

  • Six half-day financial leadership workshops created and presented by David at your hotel. There will be a different and original workshop each month designed for hotels to create a financially engaged leadership team.
  • Monthly 1-1 coaching at your hotel in person for your core financial leadership team (up to 15 managers). The 1-1 coaching is monthly after each workshop to allow your leaders to find their individual financial leadership path.
  • Your workshop materials are customized with your financial and management reports by David.
  • All leadership participants receive electronic copies of all workshop materials each month. These are valuable tools that your managers can use to lead their teams.
  • David sends your team a weekly dose of leadership knowledge throughout the program with interesting blogs, videos, book summaries and more. He provides a wealth of leadership support for your individual team members.
  • You and your leaders have access to David throughout the program for spot coaching and questions.
  • David works 1-1 with your financial leader to ensure they do their part and deliver on their agreements.
  • David teaches your leaders and you to make agreements and drop expectations.
  • In-depth exploration of the financials and your leaders will see it’s not so difficult.
  • Your leaders will learn my customized system enabling your team to participate fully in the financial process.
  • Participants experience their financial power and expose passion and talents that previously they didn’t know they had. Your leaders all want to be financially connected and my workshops and coaching provide the right knowledge, support, and expertise to make it happen. Your managers will love this program and you!
  • Financially Fearless is truly unique, combining team building with business skills, leading to a committed team who is ready to take your business and its financial results to a whole new level.

The Results Your Team Can Achieve With Your Commitment to This Program:

  • Managers who willingly do their monthly financial forecasts for their departments.
  • Your team members will see “they have an impact on the financials and their efforts make a difference.” This is game-changing because they all want to make a difference and now you have shown them how. 
  • A financial leadership system in your hotel that encompasses every line of your financial statement.
  • A leadership team that is financially engaged and tuned into the financial performance and health of their department, adjusting schedules and purchases to current business volumes to manage the flow through.
  • Financial commentaries prepared by each department manager on a monthly basis with a new found and forward-looking business competence that generate new and innovative ideas, processes and profits.
  • Managers who are now focused on how they can do their part to drive the financial results in your hotel.
  • A management team that “wants” to be financially engaged rather than a team that must be.
  • A “return on investment” for your hotel many times the program cost because you now have a team focused on the financial piece just as much as they focus on their guests and colleague engagement.
  • Financially Fearless is truly unique; combining team building with the financial arena is a powerful connected experience leading to a committed team ready to take your business and its results to a whole new level.


Why Workshops + Personalized Coaching and a Six Month Commitment? 

In today’s busy world your hotel leadership team is more challenged than ever. By slowing down and taking the time to educate and lead your team with this program, they will see your commitment to their personal prosperity and this is priceless for your leadership and your business. The workshops show the team that it’s not accounting we’re learning – it’s Hotel Business Thinking. They see this and they know these are valuable lifelong skills that you are giving them. Accountability soars. The 1-1 coaching gives the individual the space they need to express what’s holding them back and to find their own way forward. Coaching, workshops and a six-month commitment changes the financial culture in your hotel forever. 

Investing in financial leadership training is good for your business.

  • Month-to-Month Subscription Pricing Is Available
  • Travel Arrangements and Travel Time are Extra

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Don’t try this program of workshops and coaching if you and your most senior leaders are not committed. Your hotel’s Executive Team must be committed to serving your team by participating fully in each workshop and by being coached on their contribution as part of this program. If you’re not committed to 100% attendance and 100% participation by yourself and every key leader on the team then this program is not for you. 


David provided his Financially Fearless workshop to my team of 25 from all backgrounds and areas of the operation and we all gained significant value from the day spent with him. The workshop was a great mix of team-building, self-reflection, and brainstorming, and provided an introspective look at how we can all improve our own financial understanding in our role in an effort to maximize our impact on strengthening the organization’s bottom line. We would absolutely schedule this workshop again in the future! 

  • Kathryn, Regional Dir Hotel Operations, Vancouver


All I want to say is, why didn’t we have this training from day one? We had to try and figure it our ourselves.

  • Anonymous, Sonoma



Finally! This course was very much appreciated and it provides me more confidence to get involved in our overall purpose. Thank You

  • Craig, Director of Group Sales, San Francisco


What I want to say is – you helped us to see that the numbers are truly as important as the guests and the colleagues. Not just because someone says so – because we now get how we impact the numbers.

  • Anonymous, Vancouver


I have no financial acumen but David you’re informative, logical and easy to understand. Thank you for this very enlightening course on something I feared.

  • Eyal, Director of Human Resources, Lake Louise


Like our GM said – this workshop is about attitude and putting the want to into our world.

  • Kelly, Guest Services Manager Vancouver


Totally different and excellent in opening discussions about how we are all an important part of the process and what we contribute matters.

  • Brian, Sous Chef, San Jose


One thing that is a great by-produce of this workshop is the new understanding of where others are at, I’m not alone. Sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’re so busy.

  • Chad, Banquet Manager, Toronto


David does a great job of making the material fun and engaging. I got a lot out of the workshop and I’m surprised how much others did as well. 

  • Robert, F&B Outlets Manager, Newport Beach


I learned so many things today about the hotel and its finances that I no idea about. Excellent exercises.

  • Richard, Outlet Manager, Boston



I think that I had a shift in one of my paradigms “that I am important and that I make a difference with the financial success of the hotel” that it’s not just up to my boss. I like the activities and being pushed outside of my comfort zone.

  • Ben, Room Service Manager, Vancouver





David Lund’s mission is to equip you with the tools and the process to use to master your hotels/brands financial leadership. Receive a valuable complimentary consultation with David to discover how he can personally support your organization through workshops.

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