David Lund is an international expert who has been branded ‘The Hotel Financial Coach’. Just as any great hotel is true to their brand, so is David. His client commitment is about exceptional service. And his #1 focus is to help his clients gain a fast Return On Investment from his workshops and personalized coaching.

David’s background includes over 30 years as a Regional Controller, Corporate Financial Director, Hotel Manager and Controller throughout North America at multiple locations.

His services include Financial Leadership Workshops, Personalized 1:1 Executive Coaching, Leadership Workshops, Professional Speaking, Plus Financial Leadership Training for Hotels with a Guaranteed Return on Investment. David helps hoteliers to create financially engaged leadership teams.

David’s hospitality financial leadership workshop won his brands innovation award and he has personally delivered it to hundreds of leaders. He has created a straight forward and effective Proven System to follow to ensure your results.

David helps his hospitality clients achieve a new commitment to their team’s personal and financial responsibility in the hotel. He helps with open communication to uncover what everyone on the team really wants out of their career and personal lives. During his personal coaching, David uncovers problems which may arise with teams such as overwhelm, lack of involvement, intensity, anger and/or resentment. He quickly offers solutions to re-connect them with who they are at their core. His commitment is to serve those teams and quickly make resolutions for improved team connections.

The Hotel Financial Coach was established in 2013. David has personally worked with large hotel firms including Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Sheraton, Coast Hotels, Four Points, Parc Central, The Claremont Hotel & Spa, Delta Hotels and Resorts, Roosevelt Hotel, Shevana, Instant Yield, ReCharge, Watermark, Concorde, Las Clementinas, Skyline, Union Financial Partners, Hallmark, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, Inn-Trust, plus many one-on-one coaching clients.

David is the author of 4 books including; The Seven Secrets to Increase Your Hotel Profits Fast, Top 10 Tips to Increase the Financial Leadership in Your Hotel, 22 Lies That Financial Leaders Tell Themselves, and the Truth About Each One and his newest book, The Financial Leaders Guide.