Having A Financially Engaged Leadership Team Is Great For Your Hotel’s Bottom Line and Your Peace of Mind

Imagine how much more profitable the hotel could be if your managers effectively communicated, planned and delivered the hotel’s financial forecast in all areas each month!

When department managers track revenues and adjust their expenses & labor accordingly throughout the month — profits increase. Monthly financial statements no longer produce surprises. They will begin to produce predictable and consistent results month after month. That is the power of a team with a proven System to implement and follow.

In the hotel business, you know the guests come first, but your organization’s need for consistent superior financial performance is always present. Managing, communicating and delivering consistent financial results to the monthly forecast is paramount to your prosperity and peace of mind. The most valuable tool you have to accomplish this is creating a highly functioning management team with clear communication and execution around the financials. The power of an aligned management team focused on financial results is amazing.

What The Hotel Financial Coach can help you achieve:

  • Implementing a proven system for your hotel managers to follow each month.
  • With Financial Leadership Training your leaders will do their; monthly forecast, track their revenues throughout the month, adjust spending on labor and expenses to achieve flow thru, review their month-end statements for accuracy and write their departmental management commentary.
  • A system that removes the chaos and replaces it with clear communication, accountability, and results. 
  • Greater long-term financial strength in your organization.
  • A financial management system to count on the next time there is a crisis and you must find savings.
  • A commitment to your leader’s personal development and prosperity.
  • A very strong return on investment that keeps on paying month after month, year after year.
  • A leadership team that wants to look after their numbers not run away from them.

Helping Hotels Create Financially Engaged Leadership Teams

Your organization will be stronger, your management team will be aligned financially and the communication in your hotel will allow for better financial decisions by every team member. Your leaders all want to be hospitality champions with financial skills. They quickly see this is their opportunity to grow and they thank you for making it happen. You will breathe new life, new energy, and more profit into your hotel. 

Investing to maximize the financial capabilities of your team is simply smart business. You already invest in building the service and engagement now is the right time to invest in financial leadership training to strengthen your business. The leaders on your team will love your commitment to their development.

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The Hotel Financial Coach