What People are saying about – Hospitality Financial Leadership Training

Extremely valuable content and you got the entire leadership team to understand that it’s all interconnected. Not just an information dump, rather an effective and interactive process. Excellent pace considering the amount of content covered. The flow of the presentation was particularly well done with leader interaction.

– Judy, Regional Hotel GM, Vancouver

David was onsite with our entire leadership team, his expert insight, detailed approach to the topics kept it interesting and informative for all. No matter the experience level from Senior Leadership to a first time leader, people took valuable lessons and a refreshed approached to Hotel Financials. Just a couple short weeks later you can see the benefit of it. In our meetings our leaders are able to truly follow the conversation and P&L revue. Our month end process was smoother, accruals more accurate and Forecast getting closer to that +/- 3%.

– Chad, Executive Chef, Berkeley

I had a shift in one of my paradigms ‘that I am important and that I make a difference with the financial success of the hotel’ that it’s not just up to my boss. I like the activities and being pushed outside of my comfort zone.

– Ben, Room Service Manager, Vancouver

Every leader needs this training from the start. Our brand does nothing. You have to figure it out on your own. I needed this years ago.

– Anonymous

Finally! This course was very much appreciated and it provides me more confidence to get involved in our overall purpose. Thank You!

– Craig, Director of Group Sales, San Francisco

Financially Fearless was innovative, engaging and unexpected. Time and money well spent. Bridging financial management training and team building is no easy task and you did it.  Our team has already starting following through on the commitments we made to continue the journey toward greater financial acumen without fear!

– Ann, General Manager, Vancouver

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing David Lund in to teach the Financials course yesterday. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive going into the day (numbers – ugh!) but I found it to be extremely useful and informative. David did a wonderful job of keeping us engaged and interested in what he was saying. I think a lot of people really benefited from the time we spent yesterday, myself especially. Thank you again for investing is us!

– Brooke, Reservations Manager, Lake Louise

Great course! Brings the big picture together of what we really do. Less terrified of accounting now!

– Ashley, Leadership Development Rooms, San Francisco

David provided his Financially Fearless workshop to my team of 25 from all backgrounds and areas of the operation and we all gained significant value from the day spent with him. The workshop was a great mix of team-building, self-reflection, and brainstorming, and provided an introspective look at how we can all improve our own financial understanding in our role in an effort to maximize our impact on strengthening the organization’s bottom line. We would absolutely schedule this workshop again in the future!

– Kathryn, Director Operations, Vancouver

David’s workshop broke down imaginary barriers/fears that leaders have regarding finances, allowing everyone at all levels to feel and know that they are contributors.

– Rana, Director of Operations, Vancouver

I feel that the workshop brought the leadership together and gave the team a feeling of,  ‘We are in it together’ and each individual can contribute to the success of the hotel.  It brought the team out of their comfort zone and encouraged a shift in the way that financial statements are thought of traditionally.

– Laurie, HR Director, Vancouver