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The Luggage

The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, saw massive renovation in 1988. The renovation was so big the hotel was closed for 6 months. One man died in the construction falling down the garbage chute, and it is said that the hotel rose 6 inches taller as so much weight was taken out of her....

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CSMD – Conference Services Managers’ Disease and Its Devastating Effects on Your Hotel’s Bottom Line

I first diagnosed CSMD at Hotel Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada where I held the position of hotel manager in the early 2000’s. I call it conference services managers’ disease because this position seems to develop this disease more often than other leadership roles in hospitality. However, it’s important to point out CSMD is not...

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The Truth About Being a Hospitality Financial Leader   The truth is your team members and leaders in your hotel want to be financial leaders. They want to know, understand and speak financials. They know it’s the ticket to the big time, without financial skills and a solid understanding of the numbers they are not...

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